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Show off a new view of your world in unprecedented clarity
and style. Your Phantom 3 Advanced has a fully integrated
camera that shoots 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second
and captures 12 megapixel photos. An enhanced sensor gives
you greater clarity, lower noise, and better pictures than any
previous flying camera

The f/2.8 lens has a 94⁰ field of view, virtually eliminating unwanted distortion
that may occur when shooting wide aerial views with other cameras.

Securing and stabilizing your camera in place is DJI’s trusted aerial stabilization technology.
This 3-axis gimbal keeps your camera perfectly level in any flight conditions,
resulting in beautiful, stable footage throughout every flight.

With sensitive control sticks, dedicated buttons, and an over 1.2 mile (2km)* range, your customizable
Phantom 3 remote controller gives you a completely new way to fly and interact with your Phantom.
Ergonomically built to fit perfectly in your hands, your remote gives you the confidence to fly the way you want.

Enabling the incredibly long range and live HD video stream from your camera, DJI Lightbridge is built into both the remote and the Phantom 3 itself. These two parts work in tandem to ensure a continuous link between you and your Phantom 3.
Powerful communication signals slice through most environmental interference, giving you precise, full control and information from the aircraft at amazing distances.

Free to download and use with your Phantom 3, the DJI Pilot app
puts complete control in your hands. With a simplified, more intuitive
user interface and unmissable new features, the Pilot app is constantly
updated to give you the best flight experience possible.

Quickly create videos and share them instantly. DJI’s new Director software, a built-in video editor, allows you to choose the best moments from your flights and build a complete video with music, text, and more.
Pre-designed templates are built into Director, enabling you to quickly create a video that fits your style. With just a few taps, you have a professional-quality movie of your flight, ready to be shared.

As you are flying, share the view with your friends
and the world, live over YouTube. Now anyone can
experience the joy of flight, and watch, comment
and share your experience in near real time.
*Currently only available on the Phantom 3 Professional version,
Phantom 3 Advanced compatibility coming soon

Practice flying and perfect your skills without going anywhere.
The included flight simulator gives you the lifelike experience of flying your Phantom 3
and using the remote controller in a safe, controlled virtual environment.
(Simulator function only available in the iOS version of the DJI Pilot app)

Review all of your past flights, with the time, duration,
and a preview of the photos and videos you took.
Track your progress and have a full record of past memories.
At the tap of a button, share your Flight Log with the DJI support
team to identify any potential issues and help keep you flying.

Maintaining complete control and stability in the air is crucial to every successful flight. The Phantom 3 contains the best and newest DJI flight technology, giving you an enjoyable experience through full, automatic intelligent support. These systems help you fly better and safer, and are designed so that you never have to think about them at all.

Processing and analyzing flight data in real time takes serious power. The Main Controller is the control center of your Phantom 3. It collects data from the entire system, including motor speed, GPS location, your command inputs, and data from automatic sensors, and analyzes it all to tell your Phantom 3 exactly how to behave at any given moment.

Never lose track of your Phantom 3. GPS and GLONASS combine to make the Phantom 3 completely aware of its location and relation to you. It hovers more precisely, moves more accurately, and locks onto satellites faster. With the new availability of GLONASS, a minimum of 36 satellites are available to you around the world at any time.
Through the DJI Pilot app, you can track its location on a live map, and record your takeoff point so you
can bring it back to you with the tap of a finger

Motor speed is critical to flight, and each motor is managed individually by the Electronic Speed Controllers. ESCs not only relay vital motor speed information to the Main Controller, they also send commands back to the motors based on your input. This constant communication keeps your Phantom stable in flight, and also helps you achieve any flight movement, from gentle pans to rapid acceleration.

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